Latin Wedding Reception Traditions Described

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If you’re working with a couple who is looking to incorporate some elements of Latina culture within their big day, you need to be ready for a lot of serious research. From lazos to arras, there are many precious elements of Latin weddings that will enrich nuptials—but contrary to the things you may think, these kinds of practices vary by country. In this article, talented Latino wedding party DJ DJ Persist reduces some of the most prevalent and fun reception traditions that you may come across while planning with a Latinx client.

For starters, you need to understand that most Latinx couples do not have a traditional wedding with besty and groomsmen. Instead, the marriage party comprises of padrinos (the bride and groom’s godparents) in addition to the flower girl and engagement ring bearer. These people are normally married themselves and selected by couple mainly because special teachers to help them through their marital relationship. The padrinos also mentor the lazo and se?al (the etiqueta veil and coins the groom offers his bride).

Another vital thing to hold in mind is the fact many Latin American nationalities have independent civil ceremonies right from religious ones. The desposorio civil, or perhaps civil ceremony, typically takes place a week before additional ceremonies and is where the couple becomes legally wed. Is considered also a a chance to celebrate with friends and family and, naturally , serve tasty food and drinks just like empanadas and churros!

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